tropical vichy rain shower/aromatherapy bath

/tropical vichy rain shower/aromatherapy bath
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You can add our delightful vichy shower or aromatherapy baths at an extra cost to any of our massages

geisha milk bath (30 min)

Relax, unwind and float away in a glorious warm bath filled geisha milk, herbs, lavender and mandarin essential oils and salts to relax your muscles, detox your body and soften your skin.

  • 30 min $40 per person

vichy shower experience (30 min $65)

However you can enjoy a mini experience which includes an exfoliating body scrub to your back and shoulders. You will then enjoy a beautiful waterfall experience with our Vichy rain jets across your body and a light Moisturise to finish. This is perfect as an add on to any treatment.