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hand + feet therapy

The most important parts of our body used everyday are our hands and feet.

Take time out to pamper, restore and revitalise by choosing one of the following:

Please note that French polish in manicures and pedicures including French in gel application is $10 extra.

gel nail polish application


Includes buffing, nail shaping and Gel nail colour

We are excited to announce we have the latest technology in Gel Nails. Our gel nail product is Beautifully formulated to glide on just like nail polish, then light-cured, just like gel.

Our new LED Lamp is so much quicker than the old style UV Lamp curing in 30 seconds. We have a large range of Gorgeous colours that will leave your nails flexible yet strong and super shiny. Best of all our product wears for a long time lasting between 2 – 3 weeks without chipping, dulling, cracking or peeling. On your return visit you will be surprised at just how quick the gel soaks off and without any damage to your natural nail.

**If you would like gel polish applied but would like a full manicure or pedicure, it is an additional cost of $15 on top of the manicure or pedicure price.

gel polish removal & reapply – This is if you are getting your previous gel colour removed first. We will then reapply the coat of colour.

  • $55


gel polish removal only

  • $20 – to remove any gel polish that has been previously applied either by us or another spa.


essential spa manicure

  • 45min $52

Relax and unwind while we soak your hands and shape your nails to perfection, followed by a buff and cuticle treatment. A citrus exfoliation scrub will remove and dry skin that you have and we will finish with a deeply nourishing moisturiser that will leave your hands feeling silky smooth and your choice of nail colour from our Beautiful Zoya nail colour range.

deluxe spa manicure

  • 60min $75

Spoil your hands with this blissful treatment. Nails and cuticles are conditioned with our organic beautifying oil and perfected by your nails being buffed.

Then sit back and relax with a divine moisturising hand and arm massage, followed by a deeply nourishing Shea butter and citrus masque that will hydrate your hands leaving them silky smooth. To finish we will apply a nail colour of your choice from our Beautiful Zoya nail colour range.


essential spa pedicure

  • 45min $60

Relax and relieve those tired feet. Your feet will be treated to a warm foot soak followed by cutting, shaping, buffing and cuticle treatment. Your heels will be so smooth after we remove and dry skin from underneath, and then a divine citrus skin scrub is used to exfoliate your feet followed by a Gorgeous moisturiser to leave them feeling soft and nourished. To finish we will paint with your choice of nail colour from our Beautiful Zoya nail colour range.

deluxe spa pedicure

  • 60min $85

A beautiful refreshing therapy for your feet. Relax and Unwind while you enjoy our divine foot soak. Nail and cuticles are conditioned and perfected followed by our Gorgeous botanical and citrus foot scrub. Dry skin is removed leaving feet silky and smooth.

Our unique divine Shea butter and Citrus masque is then applied to the whole foot followed by our divine moisturising cream that is massaged gently into your feet leaving them amazingly soft. To finish we will paint with your choice of nail colour from our Beautiful Zoya nail colour range.