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30 min men’s maintenance express facial

Using a selection of nourishing cold pressed plant oils, French clay and a hydrating infusion of essential oils. The skins natural oil levels are balanced with a facial cleanse, kiwi exfoliation, moisture treatment and eye and lip hydration. This cleansing facial is designed to offer a quick pick me up to brighten, nourish and revitalise the complexion


1 hour modern man facial

Revitalising and Rebalancing. All Skin Types.

A therapeutic facial treatment designed specifically for men to rebalance and revitalise their skin.

Begins with a lime tea deep double cleanse followed by a spirulina and mint refining exfoliation. Treat skin to a sebum balancing massage followed by a grapefruit and pineapple French clay masque. Finish with a light weight papaya gel moisturiser.

Includes hydration for eyes and lips.

  • $105

men’s back facial (bacial)

Treats enlarged pores + breakouts on the back using our natural and botanical product range.

Starts off with a double cleanse of the back followed by a smoothing kiwi exfoliation treatment, a toner is then sprayed to rehydrate the skin. You will then have your back, neck and shoulders massaged and a refining masque applied to draw out any impurities. You will drift away with a scalp massage that will allow the masque to stimulate the skin. It is then removed with steamy hot towels and a body moisturiser is massaged into the skin to nourish and lock in moisture.

  • 45 min $95

wet/dry microdermabrasion

why should men have microdermabrasion?

Surprisingly, microdermabrasion can work better on men than on women.

Unlike women who use skincare products from an early age and on a regular basis, men pay less attention to their looks. Poor skin hygiene leads to a buildup of dead cells, which, in turn, makes it look tired and dull. The lack of regular skin hygiene is also what makes men more prone to premature aging and sun damage.

Men also need proper skin care because they shave regularly — irritations and ingrown hairs are clear signs of an added stress to their skin. The skin damage is caused by the shaving itself, as well as by before and after shaving products.

bio-hydroderm microdermabrasion facial

Using New and Unique Technology, this is the next generation of Microdermabrasion.

A Non-Invasive re-surfacing facial that uses safe and effective Diamond Head microdermabrasion together with state of the art anti-ageing skincare ingredients designed to show rapid visual improvement in the skin.

Helps also with the following:

  • diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • improves coarse, thickened, sun damaged skin
  • encourages softer, smoother skin
  • refines pores
  • reduces the appearance of scar tissue
  • ONLY $119